The Concept of Charity in Islam

  1. “It must be in the way of God
  2. It must expect no reward in this world
  3. It must not be followed by reference or reminders to the acts of charity
  4. Still less should any annoyance or injury be caused to the recipient e.g. by boasting that the giver relieved the person in the hour of need.”

The Practice of Sadaqa

God created all races from a single person, our father Adam.

mountains, fruits, human beings, animals, and livestock come in various colors.

All mankind is from Adam and Eve

of God’s signs is the diversity of your languages and colors.



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Fatima Karim

Fatima Karim

It is Allah who brought you out of your mothers’ wombs knowing nothing, and gave you hearing and sight and hearts. ―Quran 16:78 My Twitter @fatimakarimms